The Importance of Having a Great Team And 6 Tips On How to Build One

How To Take The Leap To Grow Your Small Business Team

By Anna Bailey

I can not think of a more amazing way to cap off our celebration of seven years in business than being down in Waco, TX for Magnolia’s Silobration 2022

The culmination of everything we have learned, have tried, have both succeeded in and problem solved through, and the good people who believe in investing in handcrafted art has led us to where we are today.

I know that I could never have gotten as far as I have come without the amazing support and commitment of my team at Bailey Builds. They work so hard and their commitment to invest in my work has been priceless.

Running a small business is no small feat. We put in more hours than I have ever needed to in any other job. But the passion inside of me to do what I love to do is what fuels everyday that I go in and create what Bailey Builds has become known for.

And as we have grown, it is not possible for me to do all of the tedious background work that is required to bring my pieces to you. I have been blessed with an amazing team, and we truly are family.

As we celebrate these seven years, our honored trip to Magnolia and their Silobration event was a perfect opportunity to take some of our team members down with us so that they, too, could immerse themselves in what makes our commitment to handcrafted art so rewarding.

I have really lucked out with an amazing team who understands my vision, and puts their talents to work to help bring it to the public. My passion for art and creating things out of wood is what began this amazing journey. But I am one person, and I could never successfully do every aspect of the business, because I would be spreading myself way too thin. I have a talented team who can take the vision and run with it with creativity and passion, and now I am so excited that I get to experience our first event at Magnolia together.

Growing My Small Business – From “Me” to “We”

When I started my business seven years ago, it was just me, my chop saw and my brand new pup working endless hours in our backyard garage. I spent this time experimenting, with trial and error, until I found the niche that became my signature work. As I continued to produce work in my garage and go to local arts fairs, I arrived in a place where the demand for my work became more than I could complete on my own, while still balancing family life.

It was at this time that my husband Nathanael and I made the decision to step out on a limb, in faith, and become a team. Nathanael had a solid job that he enjoyed, but felt led to walk away and come alongside me to pursue the passion that I had started.

As we worked out the kinks of our teamwork, work style, and added tools that would make our work more efficient, our garage became too small and our next leap of faith became the purchase of our first building. Our sons began to pitch in here and there with shop work and clean up, and our business began to broaden as we utilized our new building for secondary income, through the start of a store and an Airbnb above it. 

Hiring Our First Employees

Eventually we hired our very first employee outside of our family, a close friend. And shortly thereafter, we expanded our team to include someone who could focus on marketing.

Seven years later, with our first two employees still on our team, we have expanded to a diverse and talented team of over ten people, each with an integral part in supporting the creative and vital processes of our business. We are so thankful for this amazing group that have come together to support, widen, and help flourish the dream I had seven years ago, to do what I love to do.

I have often been asked how I have been able to expand and grow my business in these last seven years, even through the pandemic that our world has faced. 

In all honesty, I think that a good dose of it has been through deep faith, determination, and the ability to be resourceful and think outside the box, as well as having a team surrounding us that believes in and supports our vision. I think we have been really blessed by the people that have chosen to hop on board and be a part of our team.

Though there may always be an element of luck, I think there are some good strategies to think about when growing your business, and choosing who you want to come alongside you.

Here are a few tips to think about as you expand your business:

6 Tips For Building A Team For Your Small Business

1. Know Your Vision

What is it that you are trying to accomplish? How will this become easier if you hire someone to help? Being able to create a clear vision will help you see how a team member can help you make it easier to set out and do what it is you are trying to accomplish. It will also help you pinpoint the areas that you could really use help in.

2. Know Your Values

What is most important to you in how you run your business? The values that lead you and guide your decisions need to be reflected in who you choose to join your team. If you are honest, hardworking and appreciate flexibility, you need to look for these values in your team members. If you think outside the box and thrive on having a lot of irons in the fire, then team members who can juggle responsibilities will be important.

3. Consider The Financial Cost

Are you at a financial place to grow your business? Make sure that you know that you can support your new team members. Determine how more help will, in turn, grow the success of your business. Identify what growth needs to take place and how you plan to facilitate that in your decision to hire help.

4. Be Willing To Delegate Responsibilities

There is a famous proverb that says “Many Hands Make Light Work.” This is such a valuable concept to embrace when seeking to grow and strengthen your business. In order to do this, you have to be willing to let go of some things and trust that you can find the right person to take them and run with them. If you try to do everything yourself, you end up spreading yourself too thin, and then nothing is done to the exceptional standard that you desire.

5. Identify Your Needs And Be Patient

Have patience and wait for the right person for the job. If we are hasty, it is easy to end up with a less than ideal situation. That is why it is so important to have clear expectations during the interview process, so that your prospective team members will also be able to know whether or not they are the right fit for the work you are hiring for. Being able to clearly identify the needs of your business will help you find the right people.

6. Let Your Passion Be Contagious

People are drawn to someone who is excited about their purpose and wants to share it with others. If you believe that what you are doing is important, share that enthusiasm with your team. Give them opportunities to be invested, so that they can share that passion with you. You will keep good team members if they know that what they do makes a difference and is integral to the success of the vision. 

Being able to share the experience of Magnolia and Silobration 2022 with some of my team has been such a fun way to continue to build the passion and enthusiasm of the vision for our business. We are also equally thankful for our team members that can hold down the fort back at home and continue to use their talents to keep things going while we are away.  A well run business is like a family working together, utilizing, supporting and affirming each strength. We all have our parts to play, and together we can accomplish anything!

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