Introducing The Anna Bailey Home Line, Functional Art For Artistic Living

Where Form Meets Function, Launching Jan. 2023

By Anna Bailey

I am so excited to spill the good news about my new Anna Bailey Home line. 

As we head into the new year, full force, I wanted to bring you a great product line that will marry function with form, to give you the best of both worlds!

The Anna Bailey Home line is all about creating usable items for busy homes, without sacrificing beauty.

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? 

Part of my New Year’s Resolution is to surround myself with an atmosphere that makes me long to kick my shoes off and stay awhile. After a busy day at work, I want to come home to a place that draws me in, even in the most mundane of spaces.

That’s what the Anna Bailey Home line is all about.

I’ve created functional art in the past, but this new line is inspired by my own desire to create an inviting and unique space of my own, as we have been in the midst of remodeling and revamping parts of our home.

I have spent many hours coming up with design ideas for my own home that will create stress free, extremely functional, low maintenance spaces, with the objective that it also needs to make me happy to be in.

Borrowing the famous mantra of Marie Kondo, I want every inch of my home space to “spark joy.” 

When I come home from a long day of small business, entrepreneurial work, I want to love the space that I go to for refueling and connecting with my family.

My goal with this new line for the new year is to give ways to incorporate beautiful art into items that can serve your home well.

I’m kicking it off with The Bend Collection.

Whether it’s a spot to hang your keys, a robe, or an entry full of coats and book bags, The Bend Collection will do it with style.

I am loving how the curved lines in this collection play with the contrasting lines, adding interest to any space. 

It will give you a great invitation to lose the boring shelf you’ve been staring at, and replace it with a piece from The Bend Collection that will hold that special photo, or favorite spices with the two for one win of utilitarian artistry. This is perfect for a small space!

I have created the Anna Bailey Home line with the intention of making it easy for you to add beautiful art to your home, while also solving a utilitarian need you might have. 

That’s why the Anna Bailey Home line will always include pieces of beauty and function with a very accessible price point.

The Bend Collection is the beginning of some exciting and new offerings we have up our sleeve for 2023.

The Benton wall mounted shelf with hooks is the first of four drops in The Bend Collection and releases on Sunday, January 15th at 2pm cst on The remainder of The Bend Collection will drop on the following three Sunday’s at the same time. I can’t wait to keep developing and growing the Anna Bailey Home line as the year goes on and I hope you will follow me along for the ride!

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