Debuting My New Selah Collection at Silobration 2022

Waco, Texas Oct. 27th-29th

By Anna Bailey

October marks seven years in the business of doing what we love to do! We have loved looking back at how much our business has changed and grown over the years. Each new idea, each art fair, each leap of faith, and lots of hard work has brought us to where we are today. If you had told me seven years ago that I would be preparing to go to Magnolia’s 7th Annual Silobration in Waco, TX, I’m not sure what my response would have been. But here I am and I couldn’t be more excited!

Magnolia has been a real source of inspiration for me over the years when it comes to carefully articulating a business plan and goals to shoot for. In the maker’s world, and those who appreciate and enjoy the impact they have made in this industry, Magnolia is a household name, and a destination spot for many! We are still pinching ourselves that we get to be a part of one of America’s most elite opportunities to be participating in as a maker.

As we approached our seventh birthday in business, I took time to remember the journey with all its ups, downs, twists, and turns. I also have taken time to contemplate where we’re headed as a business. As our business has grown and matured, we’ve learned a lot about the balance of work and family life, and what we want that to look like. Being invited to Magnolia’s Silobration 2022 became a wonderful opportunity to take my musings and use them to inspire my newest collection that will debut at Magnolia’s Silobration 2022.

My newest Bailey Builds Collection is called “Selah.”

The Hebrew word Selah is thought to represent a musical pause, or a change in rhythm or theme. I love this idea of pause, as we go into our 7th year of business. The concept of margins kept coming to me, as I created the deep matte that hems the intricate art of my new collection. Such as the seasons of nature and life, there is a rhythm and melody that flows and changes through the growth of a business. My Selah Collection represents the invitation to invest in time for rest and contemplation; a space for creativity, and a time to take deep breaths, with permission to pause for healing. Like the margins on a page, it creates a beautiful order that frames what is most important.

As we prepare for and anticipate our trip all the way to Waco, TX, I am excited to immerse myself in the entire experience of Magnolia’s Silobration. I’m excited to hear the live performances of Drew and Ellie Holcomb, as well as JOHNNYSWIM. I’m also really looking forward to checking out the other amazing vendors and makers that will be showcased at this year’s Silobration.

It’s a great time to be a maker, with the ability to be seen and noticed all across the country and world through social media.  If you are headed to Silobration, I can’t wait to meet you!  If you are not, then be sure to check out their website to see the other vendors that will be there. I thought I’d give you a little preview of some of my favorites that I’m looking forward to seeing in person.

Tabitha Paige

Tabitha Paige is a watercolor artist who uses a color palette of beautiful, natural tones in her peaceful landscapes and nature scenes. I love the contemplative vibe I feel while viewing her work, and I think her art would pair so well in a variety of spaces. I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful texture of the waterpaper as her backdrop.

Instagram @tabithapaigeart

Eloise Et Moi

Eloise Et Moi is the maker of beautiful and earthy goods such as scarves and bandanas. If you know me at all, you know that bandanas are a staple of my wardrobe, both in and out of the wood shop. I am in love with the tones of her natural dyes that she uses, made sustainably from colors found in nature. Hand dying is an art in itself, and so I can’t wait to see what she’ll be bringing to Silobration 2022.

Instagram @eloise_et_moi

Nomad Artisan Company

Nomad Artisan Company is an artisan who makes handmade ceramic jewelry and accessories. Another staple of my style is fun earrings. It looks like her fun shapes, combined with great colors, accented perfectly with metal is right up my alley. I can’t imagine coming back to MN without a new pair of earrings!

Instagram @nomadartisanco

The Oxford Dog

The Oxford Dog designs and creates all the fun things you could want for your dog. They have fun bandanas, leashes, and collars for your best friends. Our dogs sure are a big part of our lives. I might just have to get them something new to sport while I’m there.

Instagram @theoxforddog

THro Ceramics

THro Ceramics creates really cool and unique pottery. I love their incorporation of sgraffito techniques in their work, with fun scenes and designs. Their coffee mugs would be one of those mugs that put a smile on your face every time you pour your morning cup of coffee.

Instagram @throceramics

This is just a short list of some of the talented vendors that will be at Magnolia’s Silobration October 27th-29th. I am so thrilled to be amongst them, and can’t wait to debut our new “Selah” collection. As always, you can come along with us through our social media.  We’ll be sure to share this amazing experience with you all!

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