7 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Des Moines – My Des Moines Arts Festival Travel Journey

Let’s Get That Art Show Fuel!!!

By Anna Bailey

Making a career out of my passion for art takes me on the road to new places often. I absolutely love heading to new cities to take part in several art festivals across the country. 

As much as I love to travel, there are a few comforts from home that I just can’t live without. 

And one of them is a good cup of coffee! This girl runs on it! 

With the long hours I put in at our workshop, investing in social media, and traveling to events, I have to have something that keeps me going.

I look forward to savoring a finely crafted roast wherever I go, and I have become a bit of a connoisseur on the subject. 

That’s why I make sure to check out the best coffee shops wherever I travel, so that I have a great place to get my daily fix. This weekend I have the honor and privilege to participate in the Des Moines Arts Festival, along with 190 of the Nation’s top artists. 

The International Festivals and Events Association has awarded the Des Moines Arts Festival with the esteemed Grand Pinnacle Award 11 times!  With such a creative draw, I just know I will find the perfect place for the best coffee.

Whether it’s a flat white, a vanilla latte garnished with whimsical latte art, or a refreshing cold brew in the afternoon, the best coffee shops will have several non-dairy options to choose from. 

Lucky for me, Des Moines IA is  home to several local coffee shops across the city. As an artist whose passion it is to make handcrafted art, I appreciate and always choose to support local businesses wherever I go. 

So in preparation for my trip to the Des Moines Art Festival, I have come up with a list of the best coffee shops to check out during my stay in Des Moines.

Horizon Line Coffee

With the best ratings in my search, Horizon Line Coffee is a sure bet for a good cup of joe. Several have coined it the best coffee roaster in Des Moines! This comes as no surprise to me, being located in the West End Artist District of downtown Des Moines. They pride themselves in coffee education and making sure every part of the coffee chain is benefitting and treated ethically. And if their latte art gives any inclination on the quality of the delectable, creamy drink, then I’m in for a real treat!  Another cool thing about Horizon Line Coffee is their commitment to reusable resources. They are located at 1417 Walnut St. Suite B.

Ritual Cafe

Ritual Cafe is a great spot for good coffee and yummy food to go along with it. They have a full vegetarian menu, as well as delicious pastries, which I think is the perfect pairing with my favorite latte. The atmosphere is cozy, with local artwork adorning the walls. Even during their busiest time, there is rarely a wait for good service. They are located at 1301 Locust St. Suite D. This is a great option if you are attending the Des Moines Arts Festival because it is in walking distance!

Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure

Zanzibar’s Coffee is considered a Des Moines gem. They roast their beans on location and have several roasts you can buy on the spot. They also support local artists with their ever changing wall art. The unique and eclectic atmosphere is part of the great vibe, with an all day breakfast to compliment their artisan brews. They are located at 2723 Ingersoll Ave.

Scenic Route Bakery

The Scenic Route Bakery is a great spot for tasty coffee drinks and great food. This family owned cafe has a great atmosphere, serving light fare and pastries. I have a weak spot for a melt in your mouth cinnamon roll, and this place looks like it will not disappoint! I may have to check out their delicious looking soup and salad combos for lunch as well. They are located at 350 E. Locust St. Suite 104, walking distance from the Des Moines Arts Festival!

St. Kilda

St. Kilda is an Australian cafe and bakery with a very cool industrial yet chic vibe. Their menu offerings look amazing, with dishes such as Avocado Toast and Breakfast Tacos. With reviews that boast St. Kilda as being “one of the best places on Earth” with “one of the best lattes in Des Moines,” I will be bummed if I don’t have a chance to stop in. They are located at 300 SW 5th St.

Freedom Blend Coffee

With their in-house coffee roasting, full scale food and coffee menu, and spacious atmosphere, Freedom Blend Coffee is a great place to take a break for a specialty coffee drink. I also love their dual mission to support communities globally through fair trade, while also using their shop as a tool to bring hope and restoration to local young adults through work training and life skills development. I noted that the oat milk lattes and chai lattes were especially good, both of which I enjoy. They are located at 2329 Hickman Rd.

Smokey Row Coffee

Smokey Row Coffee is an Industrial-chic cafe with freshly roasted coffee and a diner style menu. It has an abundance of natural lighting, with floor to ceiling windows. Not only does it serve delicious ice cream flavors and smoothies, they also serve an exceptional Iced Chai Latte. Even with the large menu, they are still thought of by many as having the best coffee in town. They are located at 1910 Cottage Grove Ave.

There are so many great coffee options in Des Moines that I’ve only hit the froth’s surface of them all! 

Just a few of the other great coffee shops to check out are Twisted Bean Coffee Company, La Barista Coffee, Waveland Cafe, Mahalo’s Coffee and Mini Donuts, and so many more. 

I wish I could visit them all, but it just means I’ll have to come back!

In my search for the best coffee shops in Des Moines, I discovered the truly great vibe that this city has. Sadly, I won’t have time to check out all of these great coffee shops in the Des Moines area, but I hope to sip on as many crafted coffee beverages as I can. 

If you’re a fellow coffee lover living in Des Moines or traveling to the Des Moines Arts Festival, June 24th-June 26th 2022, I’d love to meet you at our Bailey Builds booth, where we showcase and sell our handcrafted wood art made in Duluth MN.

Maybe I’ll even see you in line for a cold brew! Don’t forget to savor a cup, and seize the day!

If you want to follow along for the rest of our out show season/traveling, head to my socials where I post daily updates and behind the scenes of Bailey Builds!




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