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Top 6 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day and Beyond

Don’t know what to get your mom? Take a look at these ideas for some unique and easy gifts for moms perfect for a self-care day.

By Anna Bailey

Our moms deserve the world and more.

It can feel like a lot of pressure trying to figure out how to show them just how much you appreciate them, but I am here to let you in on a secret…a little can go a long way when it comes to finding your mom the perfect gift.

Don’t get me wrong, us moms love physical gifts but sometimes the perfect way to show the mother figure in your life how much you love them is not with a physical gift at all, but with an act of service that shows them you are really thinking of them.

A great place to start is to think about what your mom would do on her perfect day off. Would she take a hot shower at the end of the day or a relaxing bath?? Would she cuddle up with a cup of tea or sit back and relax with a glass of wine and her favorite movie??

Whatever it may be, think of how you can help mom relax after a long day. This is an easy way to show new moms, busy moms, and mother figures of all sorts how much you truly care about them.

So let’s get into my 6 perfect ways to treat all the moms in your life on Mother’s Day and beyond!

#1 An Act of Service like doing all her chores!

Do all your moms chores so she can enjoy a special day rather than filling it with tasks like meal planning, doing the dishes, laundry, or just offering a helping hand in whatever they are up to that day. Moms always take care of others so now it is our turn to take care of them.

#2 Quality Time Spent Together

Spending time with your mom can be the best way to show your favorite her a little extra love and to create joy and memories with her. This could be as simple as going on a walk with her or taking her out to lunch, it really is a perfect choice and one of the best mother’s day gifts (I am speaking from experience).

#3 A Self-Care Package

New mamas and veteran mamas can always use the perfect self-care gift. Putting together a self care gift box is a great way to show them a little extra love with a useful gift like the ones you can include in these gift boxes.

Here are a few things you could put in a care package.

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#4 Alone time!

Trust me, this is one of the best forms of self-care I can think of.

Especially after a new baby, a little high-quality alone time can do wonders for a mom’s mental health and is truly an amazing self care gift that almost every mom is sure to love.

So here is what you do, arrange to take the kids and tell the mom in your life the good news…she gets a whole night to herself!

Here is a gift guide of a little self-care box you can leave them with to make their night perfect…

#5 Send her a gift from afar

If you’re not in the same town as your mom you can still choose to send unique gifts and thoughtful gifts her way.

A weighted blanket. This may not come to you right away but it is one of the best self-care gifts that can match a ton of different styles.

You can find weighted blankets in a wide variety of different colors and even in faux fur if that is your mom’s style.

You can also always send your mom a new piece of artwork or a photograph that celebrates one of your most cherished memories.

At we have artwork, jewelry, bookmarks, DIY kits, and more that will make the perfect gifts for all types of moms.

#6 Is for my last-minute shoppers out there. Don’t worry! E gift cards and Subscription Boxes are your friends!

Our last idea is for those of you who may have waited until the last minute and need something fast!

A different way to send gifts that is becoming more popular is to send your mom a gift certificate to one of her favorite places. Most places allow you to purchase an e gift card at no additional cost on their website. The best part is this takes just a little effort and creates joy to meet your moms own needs. Just tell her to check her inbox and waa-la!

You can also sign her up for a monthly subscription box that fits your mom’s style. There are so many out there these days including jewelry, art, and even food subscription boxes!

Whether you are shopping for a family member or one of your best friends these are a few of my favorite mother’s day and beyond gift ideas for all the cherished mother figures in your life.

Whatever you go with I know your mom will love it because it came from you and you put thought and love behind it and that’s all moms really want.

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