Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers That Are Perfect For Dorm Rooms

College Student Friendly & Affordable

By Anna Bailey

Saying goodbye to our son Isaac was a mixture of proud sorrow. 

This day caught me by surprise. The biggest life decisions are made in what seems like short bursts, and yet they change the course of our lives.

Both our oldest boys decided over our holiday break that they were both going to change directions and start college. As parents, our job is to love, nurture and guide our children until they are ready and able to take the steering wheel. We move from drivers to become passengers, and finally fellow travelers, while supportively cheering them on in their own personal journey. It’s a surreal moment when you take that next leap in your relationship. There is a letting go that has to take place, and it requires faith.

When our boys made the decision during our time off that it was time to pursue the interests growing inside of them, we jumped on the bandwagon to help them put the puzzle pieces together in a short amount of time. There were college applications to be filled out and immediately sent. There were scholarships and financial aid to look into. And for Isaac, moving three hours away, there was the gathering of all the dorm room necessities.

One of the most important things we knew we needed to send Isaac off to college with was some high-quality, yet dorm-friendly speakers. Music has always been such an integral part of both my and Isaacs’s life, so I wanted to make sure he was able to love and celebrate his love of music in hopes it would bring him comfort in his new home away from home. I wanted him to be able to listen to his favorite songs with clear sound and share that experience with his fellow students.

As I mentioned, this was a quick decision and not necessarily the normal circumstances which means we had to do research fast and had to make sure the options we were choosing were accessible. I found many websites of websites that had a list of the best speakers but the only thing that was missing was if they would be ideal speakers for a small space and dorm life.

Now let’s get into my top 3 Bluetooth dorm speakers that will be perfect for their college years, which yes moms, are a good thing!!

I have organized this list from the most affordable Bluetooth speaker all the way up to one that is more high-end, but still college dorm room and college student-friendly.

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  1. The A2 Lenure Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Built-In-Mic

This portable speaker is a great choice for many reasons, but my number one reason definitely has to be that price. This guy is so affordable and it is eligible for Amazon Prime so you can have it delivered QUICK!

Other than the price this speaker has a lot of great qualities. The lifetime on the battery is great for the price, you can get 10 hours of listening from this little guy. You can also choose to rock a few different output modes. This speaker supports bluetooth connection and a 3.5 mm aux cable/ headphone jack. 

The A2 Lenure is made from aluminum alloy vs. plastic which makes it much more durable for your college kiddos! The range is pretty great too, you can get up to 33ft of wireless range of support, this speaker is outdoor and indoor friendly.

All of your bluetooth-enable devices should connect to this device easily and it will automatically connect to the last device you were using, which is a great feature if mainly one person will be using it! And the hands-free mic option will make it easy for you to connect with your kids while they are away at college! The smaller size does not hold back the quality of sound.

2. The JBL Clip 3

While the JBL Clip 3 is a bit spendier than the A2 Lenure Portable Bluetooth Speaker but, it is still an awesome option and for the features, you get the price tag is honestly not too shabby! JBL speakers are known to have great sound while also having a compact size and are one of the top brands.

This speaker comes in a variety of colors and is very portable. The handy metal carabiner feature makes sure your college student will never lose their speaker! 

You get up to 10 hours of listening time on a single charge with this speaker and it includes noise-canceling speakerphone and wireless streaming! You’ll be able to connect with your kid as they walk home from class with this speaker.

This speaker is waterproof and durable, which again, makes it very college kid-friendly, they will have a hard time breaking this great speaker!

3. JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Now this speaker is on the higher end price-wise, but it is so worth it because the sound quality is out of this world! In my opinion, this is the best sound you will get at such an affordable price point. You can connect up to TWO smartphones or tablets and share the sound. This is a great option if your college students have a roommate with whom they want to enjoy music together with a high volume.

This speaker has up to 20 hours of playtime, which is a big plus for many busy on-the-go students who may be low on time. Your child will be able to take this speaker on hikes, to the beach, and to the pool with this speaker as it is waterproof and can even be submerged in water! And with the durable fabric material you will no longer have to worry about clumsiness being the end of your favorite speaker. This speaker comes with a USB-C cable for charging and a Quick Start Guide to make setting up a breeze. Upgrade to the speaker headphone combo to make studying in the library a breeze!

That concludes my top 3 best Bluetooth speakers. From smart speakers to a speaker system, I have deemed these to be the speakers with the most powerful sound and compact design. From a more affordable option all the way to the best audio quality!

Since before the boys graduated high school, they were both an integral part of our business. And with Covid shutting down in-person learning, we had the privilege of having them present even more so. They have been such important team members at Bailey Builds, and I have loved watching them grow in their abilities and their confidence. It’s not always easy wearing both the mom hat and the boss hat, but we have danced the dance together, and I believe that it has brought a depth to our relationships that will continue to grow.

So, as with any parent of a new fledgling taking flight, I am experiencing all the feelings! Yet, it all comes down to hopeful joy, as I get the great gift of watching them spread their wings! They will do great things! And, as the song goes… “and the beat goes on!” We’re excited for all that’s in store for Bailey Builds this year in 2022! We’re excited to grow our team and the many facets of our business. And we’re thankful that we get to be on this ride!

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